# Dev Tools

# Hardware

# Laptop

# Software

# Code Editor

# Database Client

# Testing

  • Docker is a containerization thing
  • Vagrant is a really good tool for if you want to more easily test your code in VMs
  • Valet was made for testing laravel code on a Mac. You don't neccessarily need to use it with Laravel but it does require a Mac.

# Security

# Other

  • Paw is a full-featured HTTP client that lets you test the APIs you build or consume.
  • Postman is another app for sending REST, SOAP, and GraphQL requests and testing APIs.
  • MacDown is a really good FOSS Markdown editor for macOS.

# Services

# Testing

  • Sauce Labs for testing on various devices types, operating systems, and browsers

# Hosting

# Version Control

# Security

  • Shodan